Noel Wynne

Mississippi Racing Pioneer

Noel Wynne’s racing career lasted only 5 years (1950-1955). In 1955 Andrew Mooney, also from Jackson, was killed in a tragic racing accident at Speedbowl Park. His car rolled several times coming out of turn four. Andrew was thrown from his car and several seconds later another car came around the turn and ran over him. Noel’s wife was in the Grandstands and saw it all. She never went to a race again. She was terribly worried for Noel when he raced. Noel finished the 1955 racing season and out of the love for his wife never raced again.

Pictured are four of the most popular drivers of the 1950’s. From Left to Right: John Erickson, Noel Wynne, Curley Walters and James Ball.

Story told by Noel Wynne: After this picture was taken, the boy had a few laughs along with a few beers. When the conversation turned to racing and who was the better driver, John Erickson told Curley Walters that he (Curley) couldn’t even drive a Kitties Car. Several weeks later they all received a copy of the picture below.

Pictures Courtesy of Noel Wynne of Heber Springs, AR

Floyd Kyser, Noel Wynne and Pat Patrick

Picture donated by Noel Wynne

Noel Wynne is another one of those Hot Rod drivers who developed a love for air planes.

Picture donated by Pat Patrick

Noel Wynne started racing in the early 1950's and his love for the sport is alive today. He built "Wynne's Stadium", a half mile dirt track in Heber Springs, AR. Mark Martin, at the age of 16, performed his first time trials at Wynne's Stadium. Noel is a living example that once racing get into your blood, it's there for life. Noel was not only the oldest member at this driving experience but also turned the fastest lap.

Picture Courtesy of Noel Wynne of Heber Springs, AR