Curley Walters' Photo Album

In my opinion, Curley Walters was simply the best Mississippi's race car driver of the 1950's. He started racing in the late 1940's and raced through the 1960's. Curley was the man to beat back in the day. He raced with all the big named drivers like Ellis Palisini, Ival Cooper, Noel Wynne and Hooker Hood. Curley beat them all.

In October, Jason Walters (Curley's grandson) emailed me to let me know how much he enjoyed the website. He also told me that his Dad, Bud Walters, had Curley's old photo Album. Several days later Bud called me and donated his pictures to the website for all to see.

The pictured above is a wonderful example of some of the photos in this album. Pictured, from left to right, are Curley Walters, George Martz (owner), unknown, and Floyd Kyzer (driver). This picture was taken in 1950 at the Jackson Motor Speedway which was located off Livingston Road in Jackson.

Please keep checking the "Latest Updates" section because I'll be posting these pictures over the next several weeks. I know you will enjoy them as much as I have....

Thank You Jason and Bud !!

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