Jack Brown

Mississippi Racing Historian

These are Jack's 2 babies. His antique"B" Car (Under Restoration) and his Street Rod.


Wayne Thomas

Mississippi Racing Historian

Wayne came by to give us a hand at the 2006 Race Car Extravaganza.


Joel Whittington

Mississippi Racing Historian

I caught up with Joel at the the 10th Annual Ival Cooper Memorial Race at Simpson County Motorstorts Park in D'lo Mississippi.


Billy Powell

Mississippi Racing Enthusiast

A verySpecial “Thank You” goes to Billy Powell for donating his large collection of 1960's and 1970's Mississippi racing pictures. His knowledge of racing from that era has been invaluable.


Rickey McKensie

Mississippi Racing Enthusiast

Rickey provided a lot of pictures and information about South Mississippi Racing History in the 1970's and 80's. We caught up with Rickey at the the 2009 Mississippi Racing Extravaganiza. Thanks Rickey for all your help !!


Bill Gupton

Mr Gupton took many of the pictures found in the Mississippi Sportsman Magazine. His photo collection of Mississippi Racing History is priceless.


Tobby Taylor

(Computer Geek)