V8-Ellis Palasini

"The Man In Black"

LeLand Mississippi

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Picture Donated by Joel Whittington

The 8-V was known as Ellis' other car. This picture was taken in 1968 and donated by Luke Da Drifter.

Ikey Jerome (Left) and his good friend Ellis Palasini (Right). Picture donated by Ikey Jerome

As told by Mike Kimble: The #V8 means one thing – Ellis Palasini. One of the very best to ever drive the open wheel modified or supermodified class. In 1967, Ellis earned a USAC License (Indy License) and is the only Mississippian to ever qualify to drive in the Indianapolis 500. He was a consistent winner on dirt as well as asphalt. Even after moving to the “big time” of asphalt supermodified racing in Memphis, Pensacola, and Mobile, Ellis was the superstar driver who would run asphalt one night and the next night show up at Jackson Sports Arena to race on dirt. One of Ellis’ most memorial wins was at Jackson Sports Arena. Half way through a big July 4 th feature race, he lost his left front wheel on the ¼ mile dirt track. The race went on without a caution. Ellis drove the V-8 on three wheels and win the race by throwing the car into the turns (sparks flying at every corner as the axel hit the ground) and carrying the naked left front corner down the straights.