Douglas Ray "Curley" Walters

Curley Walters was racing in the Mississippi area from the late 40's through the 60's. In my opinion, Curley Walters was the "Mississippi Driver of the Decade (1950's)".

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Pictured are four of the most popular drivers of the 1950’s. From Left to Right: John Erickson, Noel Wynne, Curley Walters and James Ball.

Story told by Noel Wynne: After this picture was taken, the boy had a few laughs along with a few beers. When the conversation turned to racing and who was the better driver, John Erickson told Curley Walters that he (Curley) couldn’t even drive a Kitties Car. Several weeks later they all received a copy of the picture below.

Last two pictures were taken in 1955 and donated by Noel Wynne