Update on Rattletrap II

Jack Brown is progressing with the restoration of his 1929 Ford "B-Car". This car, # F-80, was raced back in the 1960's by Hoyt Alexander in north Mississippi and around Memphis, TN. Jack is not only struggling with finding parts for this vintage car but also with these 100+ degree days. His new paint scheme will be yellow and black and the car's new number will be #99. Jack raced this number and colors at Jackson International Speedway in the Mini Stock Class. Jack plans to power this car with a 6 Cylinder GMC Truck Motor. It should produce a lot of torque to get him around the track. One of the neat things about this car is that it has a vintage old school steering box. Back in the days of "Run what you Brung" the builders used a Crosley rear end for a steering box. It was the next best thing to power steering. The Raleigh Mississippi Heritage Festival is scheduled for Saturday, Sept 30th and Jack will try to get Rattletrap II ready for a viewing.

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