2 - Mark Martin - Batesville, AK

NASCAR Superstar

Late Model - Jackson International Speedway - 1978

Picture donated by Tony Barker and John Roby

Pictures taken from the "Mississippi Sportsman Magazine" and the Bill Gupton Collection.

1979 Coca Cola 200

Donated by LaRan Kilpatrick


As told by Jack Brown "MS Race Historian"

Mark Martin used to make special appearances at tracks for match races.  JIS promoter Mac Gillis paid Mark Martin, who you can see was just a kid, to come down here one weekend to do an exhibition race with JIS track champ Jay Gonzales.  Jay was my hero in his #91 Chevelle.  That Saturday, I had a new engine in my mini stock VW to break in so I went to the track very early and was the only one there when Mark Martin arrived.  I was just cruisin around making laps when I saw him get into his Camaro and pull on to the track.  I stayed out on the track just so I could say I had "run once with Mark Martin".  He blew by me on the back stretch and I went to the pits so as not to be in his way while he practiced.  He later walked over to me and just looked at the old yellow VW.  Didn't say a word, just smiled and went back to his pit.

Mark Martin Waiting in the pit area for time trials to begin at Wynne's Stadium at Heber Springs, Arkansas. ( Circa 1976 )

Mark Martin leads the pack out of turn number 4, during a heat race at Wynne's Stadium at Heber Springs, Arkansas.
( circa 1976 )
( Pictures courtesy of Noel Wynne, Heber Springs, AR. )

Mark Martin and his Dad Julian Martin. Picture donated by Noel Wynne.