2010 Mississippi Racing Extravaganza - WOW !!

Wild Bill Bissell did it again. The 2010 Mississippi Racing Extravaganza was a huge success. Not even the extremely cold weather could keep folks away. There were over 165 vehicles there from racing carts to speed boats. He had to rent the whole Mississippi Trade Mart Building to get all the vehicles in this year. Freddy Fryar, the legendary late model racing champion at Jackson International Speedway   and Baton Rouge Speedway was there on Saturday. He had a ball !! Many friends and fans came by to swap stories and long overdue hugs.   Freddy started racing in 1951 and won over 750 feature races in his career. Freddy dominated races in the NASCAR Grand American and All Pro Series. It was very apparent to me that he made a lot of friends along the way.

The whole gang was there and there was so much to see. Miss Chicken and the Little Widow  was there. Mr Patterson and Dad had a large time.   The entire Parker came up from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to bring Mr. J.D. Parker's #12 vintage sprint car to the show. Even Jack Brown braved the cold to bring his new Roadster.

Mike Brown of McKenzie Tennessee brought two beautiful vintage sprint cars. One was Buddy Jones’ #44 sprint car and the other was the #11, Steve Kinser’s 1978 Championship Car.

Oh, there’s more !! Mr. Ronald Dearman and Mr. John Gorday had their vintage model race cars on display at the Extravaganza also. These models are built to scale and are perfect replicas of the cars that ran over 40 years ago. They even had some cars that I had never seen before. Mr. Dearman built race cars back in the day and Mr Gorday never missed a race as a fan. All in all, they brought over 30 models to the show. We all had fun playing with the cars.

This show was the biggest and best yet !! I can’t wait till next year.

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