Miss Chicken and Crew Back from Oklahoma

You can believe it !! Vintage racing is alive and well.  Dad and I went to Arkansas and Oklahoma the first weekend in June to participate in a two race weekend with the Ozark Vintage Stock Car Racing Association (OVSCRA).   OVSCRA has 15 members with vintage race cars and they love to race them and have fun.   Dad and I had so much fun that we are still smiling about it.

We left Thursday morning about 8am with Miss Chicken loaded on a homemade single axel trailer designed for hauling a racecar.   This trailer was made in the early 1960’s and given to us by our long time racing friend Lawrence “Roundman" Chambless.   We hadn’t traveled 5 mile before we had to stop.  Dad had to have a sausage Biscuit and cup of coffee from McDonalds.

Our next stop was Pine Bluff AR to stretch our legs and get some gas.  There we met several vintage racing fans that just had to stop and look at the car.  We also made a quick stop in Russellville AR to visit with family.  While in Russellville we noticed we had missing grease cap on one of the trailer hubs.  A quick trip to Wal-Mart for aluminum foil and electrical tape and Dad had us back on the road.  

Once in North West Arkansas we looked up our friend Andy Anderson.  Andy is the organizer of OVSCRA and a dedicated vintage racer.   Over the years he has acquired many old race cars and rebuilt them to race again.  His next masterpiece is in the shop now. Andy contacts the race track owners and promoters to schedule vintage racing events.   The OVSCRA members get their cars to the track early and display them for the fans before the race.  Once racing begins the vintage racers get down to business.  

Friday night at Historic Thunderbird Speedway in Muskogee OK, Miss Chicken was allowed to take the green flag with the vintage racers. There were a few stipulations before we could take the track. I had to wear a fire suite and helmet and because the car doesn’t meet today’s racing safety requirements, we had to exit the track in turn one.  I must say, it was quite a thrill coming out of turn 4 with Miss Chicken’s flathead at full throttle.   I’m hooked !!

Saturday night at West Siloam Springs Speedway was another exciting night at the track.   Even though we didn’t take the track, Dad and I got a good opportunity to see the vintage cars in action.  Andy Anderson, Bruce Hill, Chad Lankford and 16 year old Aaron Moss really put on a show.   There is nothing like the sound of these old coupes and sedans with their straight 6’s and flathead V8’s screaming down the front stretch.    Everyone pitches in to make the race night a success. Even Andy's young granddaughter helps clean the cars between races. Did I saw I'm HOOKED !!

I'd also like to give a big "Miss Chicken Thank You" to Roy Andrews for keeping Dad out of trouble. Roy started racing in 1950 and he still has the racing fire in his soul. He converted his vintage race car into a street legal ride. He and his car is the official pace car and driver for the OVSCRA group. The enthusiasm and love for vintage racing can be truly felt in the hearts and actions of the children, teens and seniors in this group.

The next time we travel to North East Arkansas, I hope to have a race car that can compete with the OVSCRA racing family.

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Special Thanks to OVSCRA for providing several pictures in this Article