Mississippi Racing Legend

Joe Fascio

Recently, I received a wonderful letter from the wife of a Mississippi Racing Legend, Joe Fascio. Ms Margaret Fascio was excited about the website. She were hit hard by Katrina and lost almost everything. In her letter, she included some pictures of her husbands racing career from the 1950's. She also included some racing static's of her husband and their son Joe Fascio JR.

Joe Fascio started his racing career back in the late 1940's. Although he was from New Orleans, Joe raced all over Mississippi and the south. One of the first pictures of Joe racing was taken at Brookhaven Speedway in 1950. By this time in his racing career, he was winning races and was hooked on the sport. At Brookhaven Joe raced against Jake Howard who was driving a fast California Roadster #13. The car behind the fast roadster is Joe Fascio. Joe was never behind for long. This picture shows the same car 5 years later and a top had been added to the old roadster. Joe Fascio was behind the wheel of the "Black Cat 13" and another Mississippi racing Legend, Joe Caspolich, is doing everything he can to take the lead.

Joe even ran in a Modified race on the Beach at Daytona in 1955.

Joe Fascio was one of the fan's favorite modified driver at Pass Road Speedway in Biloxi. Joe won races at Pass Road driving the #30 in 1954 and in the #57 in 1955. All in all, Joe Fascio started 2017 races during his long racing career. He went on to take over 725 Feature wins.


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