Mississippi Racing Legend

E. A. Enroth

Mr. E.A. Enroth started building fast cars in the 1940's. He quickly became well known for his fast cars and knowledge on motors. Racing became very popular in South Mississippi in the early 1950's. It was only natural that he get involved. He teamed up with local driver Charley Merrow and began racing at local tracks. This picture is of a young Enroth and driver Charley Merrow taken about 1953.

Mr. Enroth became good friends with an up and coming young driver by the name of Clint McHugh. In 1954 Mr Enroth built a new car and teamed up with Clint to drive it. This combination of McHugh and Enroth quickly became unbeatable. The names McHugh and Enroth were as popular in South Mississippi as Cooper and McCombs were in the Jackson area.

Clint's driving skills catch the eye of many car owners outside of Mississippi and was killed in 1956 at Lehi Ark while qualifing for a NASCAR race there.

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