Our Next Project !!

You just can't have a race without a wrecker. Back in the day, there was always two or three at the track to clean up the messes.

Dad had a wrecker back in the 1960's and 70's and he has always said that it was the best thing he ever had. His was a 1957 GMC one and a half ton truck with an old hand crank wrecker bed on it. In the mid 70's, Dad's Wrecker was totaled in a two vehicle accident. Dad never throws anything away, so the old truck with the wrecker body is still out there in the junk pile.

For the past year or so we have been looking for a 1950's GMC truck to bring the old wrecker back to life. Several months ago we ran across this 1949 Ford F7 Pumper Truck for sell. The truck was purchased in 1996 from the City of Lake Mississippi. To the best of our knowledge, it looks like it was driven to South Scott County and parked. Dad bought the truck and a few hours later had the old flathead motor running and we drove it home.

You may see an old red Fire Truck in the picture above. I see my Dad having fun. I tell everyone that it took 2 years and half of my inheritance to rebuild Miss Chicken. I guess I know now where the other half of my inheritance will be going !!